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Use Gmap4 to display Hennepin County data

Anyone that has Hennepin County data in a KML, KMZ or GPX file, can display that file with Gmap4. Doing so lets you see that data with the familiar Google maps interface together with features that include:

1. Mobile devices display a touch-friendly interface. Desktops/laptops display a mouse interface.

2. Geolocation (on mobile devices) with a symbol that follows you as you move.

3. Display a USNG grid. (Federal standard for ground-based search and rescue)

4. Search on addresses, many place names and any common coordinate format.

5. Add USA contour lines or weather radar to any map.

6. High resolution USGS topographic maps.

7. Link to the map as you see it on your screen.

8. Draw on the map and save a GPX file or a map-in-a-link.

9. Draggable directions.


If the Hennepin County bike trail data was available in a KMZ file, you could display it with Gmap4.


For example, the following link starts Gmap4 and displays a KMZ file with data about Hennepin County fire stations.

Click a symbol to see a popup with details about that station.

Play with the two buttons on the map.

On a desktop/laptop you can try a right click on the map.


You can get Hennepin County data into a KML/KMZ file by:

1. Downloading a shape file from the data commons.

2. Using a free utility to convert the shape file to KML. Google: shape to KML

3. It is good practice to compress the KML to KMZ.


Make a basic Gmap4 link to display your file like so:

Replace the underline with the http link to your file.


The Gmap4 homepage has lots of examples and documentation. The ‘Help’ page includes ‘Quick Start’ information.



My name is Joseph and I am the developer of Gmap4. I am an Anoka, MN native although I have lived in WA for many years. I hope Gmap4 helps turn open data into useful data.



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