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Real-Time Public Transit App

Buses are great, except when they are early or really late, or there's a detour you didn't realize was in effect. Same for the lightrail, although it doesn't experience time problems as much. What would be really helpful is an app that has all the stops for all the public transportation, what buses stop there (with the option to see the route right there on the map), and most importantly, where the bus is RIGHT NOW. You could watch the bus making its way to the stop you are interested in, and be sure to make it on time. This is incredibly helpful especially for those that need multiple buses or live farther from a stop. It could even be helpful for the transit operators themselves (if they know passengers on one bus/train need to get on their bus, they can determine if the delay is too long). For Minnesota, which has really cold winters, this would be quite beneficial in reducing the amount of outside standing time. It also offers transparency of a county service for the residents.



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