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Accessibility Guidelines for Maps

Web maps are an integral part of a lot of our community's civic tech projects, and accessibility also is a core value of civic technology. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to navigate what exactly it means to make "accessible maps".


The goal of this project is to generate a set of guidelines/ guiding questions, examples, and code snippets that civic tech groups can use in their mapping projects. Eventually, we would like to put this out as a public resource that can be shared among developers, and within the geography/cartographic and GIS communities.


Our target audience for this project is the civic tech community itself, so we'll likely be testing our ideas on participants at Geo:Code. So even if you don't join the project, please be ready to lend us a hand with testing and feedback throughout the event. Also, if you have visual or perceptual limitations, or have ever felt frustrated or underserved by existing online maps (Google Maps, web maps, online printable maps, etc), we'd love to hear about your frustrations--and hopefully turn them into actionable guidelines for improvement!


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